Early“The Lion King”Review Are Positive

Are you excited to see Disney’s new “The Lion King” movie on July 18th? Well, you should be. The first batch of reviews are coming in after the movie’s star-studded Hollywood premiere on Tuesday… and they’re glowing.

Fandango editor Erik Davis calls the CGI-action movie“visually immaculate,”and gives major props to stars Donald Glover and Beyonce for taking it “to another level” as Simba and Nala. That’s the theme throughout many of the other reviews, calling the Jon Favreau film “gorgeously realistic,” “jaw-dropping,” and a “visual masterpiece.”

If you loved the original –who didn't? – legendary composer Hans Zimmer says you might want to bring some tissues to watch the adaptation. He did the score for the movie, and he says it was so “extraordinarily moving” that it made him cry!


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