American Teens Charged In Murder Of Italian Police Officer

An Italian police offer just back from his honeymoon is dead and two American teens are being charged with his murder. Italian officials say Officer Mario Rega was stabbed eight times after responding to a report of a stolen backpack.

They also claim two San Francisco area teens – 18-year-old Gabriel Christian Natale-Hjorth and 19-year-old Finnegan Lee Elder– were arrested as they were about to leave the country. Investigators say they found a murder weapon “cleverly hidden” along with bloody clothes in the teens’ hotel room. They are being held on charges of murder and extortion.

And while officials say the two teens “confessed their deeds,” there’s also an issue with a photo that’s been released to local media. It shows Natale-Hjorth illegally blindfolded and handcuffed – reportedly during his interrogation. A supervisor has since been quoted as saying it was "for a very few minutes, four or five."

  • What happened exactly? According to officials, the teens were trying to buy drugs and when they were sold fakes, they stole the backpack of the person they held responsible for ransom. Apparently, Officer Rega responded to the call that followed, reportedly engaged the suspects, and the rest is in debate.

Source:CBS News

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