As Someone Called 911, The Supervisor Was Watching Netflix

A 911 supervisor in Florida might have been watching Netflix during a botched shooting response.

Apparently,Julie Vidaud was the 911 shift supervisor when a woman called Coral Springs police to report a bullet had been fired at her car. The victim called multiple times, once more than a half-hour later, to say that no one had responded to the scene of the crime. That led authorities to find out the possible drive-by had been logged as a suspicious incident instead of a shooting.

Investigators later discovered that Vidaud had been streaming the Netflix film "I Am Mother" during the time of the incident, though she claims she was not watching it. Two dispatchers who handled the victim's calls have been fired, but the department has yet to rule on Vidaud. So far, she’s been written up for “failure to supervise.”

Source:NBC News

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