There May Be A Drug That Cuts Opioid Cravings

Scientists may be close to getting a handle on the opioid crisis.

National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland is testing an experimental drug that would reduce opioid cravings. Dr.Henry Masuris the Chief of Critical Care Medicine at the NIH Clinical Center. He cautioned that the fix could take time. “We’re hoping within a few years that really a novel strategy that will really help everybody reduce the problems with opioid use disorder.”

Opioids take over the brains reward system and release high levels of dopamine creating a euphoric sensation that is often addictive but deadly. The next phase of the clinical trial starts January 2020 with opioid use disorder patients from Baltimore and DC taking the drug to see if it works. The trial is expected to take five years to complete.

Source:NBC Washington

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