Hong Kong Protesters Use Bows And Arrows

Protesters are shooting arrows and throwing gas bombs at police in Hong Kong today. Reports say there were clashes at a barricaded university campus overnight, with police firing tear gas and blue dye from water cannons. Protesters have been firing back with bows and arrows. Police say one officer was hit in the leg with an arrow.

And it’s getting worse. Students hurling Molotov cocktails have continued battling police – and the escalating violence is paralyzing the education system in Hong Kong. School closures will keep around one-million students out of classes again today.

Authorities had already ordered the evacuation of Hong Kong Polytechnic University, with protesters staying behind, and some setting fires to block the advancing riot police. Now? Police are reportedly firing tear gas at them to prevent their escape.

  • Adding “fuel to the fire”...literally? Hu Xijin, the head of a nationalistic Chinese newspaper has taken to social media suggesting that Hong Kong police should use snipers to fire live ammunition at rioters – and that if protesters are killed, the police shouldn’t bear legal responsibility.

Source:The Guardian

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