Amnesty International Calls Out Facebook And Google Over Privacy Violations

Amnesty International says surveillance of billions of people by Facebook and Google threatens human rights and free expression.

In a new report released yesterday, the human rights organization says the tech giants need to change their business model and stop relying on people's information. The report says Google controls 90-percent of worldwide search engine usage and one-third of everyone on Earth uses a Facebook-owned service every day.

Amnesty International says billions of people have no real choice other than accessing the internet "on terms dictated by Facebook and Google." The Secretary General of AI says this is not the internet people signed up for. The organization points to the companies becoming too big as a major problem.

Google responded through a spokesperson saying the company is working to give people more control over their data. “We recognize that people trust us with their information and that we have a responsibility to protect it. Over the past 18 months we have made significant changes and built tools to give people more control over their information.”

Source:The Verge

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