China Isn’t Happy About Hong Kong Human Rights Legislation

A bill supporting human rights in Hong Kong is heading to President Trump's desk, and China is not happy about it.

The House overwhelmingly passed the measure following a Tuesday vote in the Senate. The bill requires regular reviews of Hong Kong's special financial status as crackdowns of pro-democracy protests continue. Specifically, the human rights act mandates sanctions on Chinese and Hong Kong officials who carry out human rights abuses and requires an annual review of the favorable trade status that Washington grants Hong Kong.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang is reacting to the measure, saying it undermines both China’s interests and those of the U.S. in the city in turmoil. He added “If the U.S. continues to make the wrong moves, China will be taking strong countermeasures for sure.”

It's unclear whether the President will sign or veto the bill.

Source:ABC News

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