Chuck Schumer Takes Aim At Airlines For Fees To Seat Families Together

New York Senator Chuck Schumer is taking aim at the airline industry ahead of the holiday travel season.

The Senate Minority Leader sent a letter to transportation secretary Elaine Chao calling for a new federal rule to keep families seated together on flights. This comes three-years after Congress added an amendment to the FAA Reauthorization Bill, asking for a policy that would ensure children ages 13 or under be seated with their family.

The problem is, nothing has been enacted to date, as Schumer says some families are still being forced to pay extra fees to sit together, and in some cases children as young as one-year-old have been split up anyway.

A recent report says 136 complaints have been made since 2016. The DOT said it reviewed its consumer complaint database and found that less than one percent of their complaints related to family seating policies.

Source:NBC New York

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