Giuliani Says He Has "Insurance" If Needed In Ukraine Probe

President's Trump personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani says he has "insurance" if the president tries to throw him under the bus. The former New York City mayor made the quip to Fox News over the weekend, saying he's seen things like that written but it won't happen.

Giuliani later called the idea "ridiculous" and said the two are "very good friends," adding "he knows what I did (in Ukraine) was in order to defend him, not dig up dirt on Joe Biden." Giuliani also slammed the House impeachment inquiry saying he is not afraid of being indicted. Okay...but then, he did it again on another Fox News broadcast.

Later, Giuliani took to Twitter saying it was all a joke. “The statement I’ve made several times of having an insurance policy,” he noted. “Is sarcastic.”

Source:Fox News

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