Tyler Perry Pays Couple’s $14K Hospital Bill So They Can Leave Mexico

Tyler Perry has come to the rescue of an Atlanta couple struggling with a massive hospital bill. Basically Stephen Johnson and his fiancée Tori Austin saw their Mexican vacation turn into a nightmare when Stephen got super sick. We're talking, landed in the ICU sick.

As WSB-TVfirst reported, Johnson was rushed to a hospital in Progreso, Mexico after going into diabetic shock while on a Carnival cruise. After three days in the ICU, the couple was facing a $14K hospital bill… and hospital was refusing to let them leave until it was paid up –in cash. Like most of us, the couple couldn't get their hands on that kind of cash right away.

A promissory note wasn't good enough - and there they were, trapped. Enter the very generous Tyler Perry! According to TMZ, he swooped in to pay the bill himself. Thanks to him, the outlet reports that Johnson is due to be discharged tomorrow.

  • AND GET THIS! Firstly,this isn't uncommon, these folks are just lucky that word of their situation got out. Apparently, Perry first called the hospital and tried to pay the bill with a credit card - but they wouldn't allow it. Hospital officials wanted cash, which he saw was wired to them. It's supposed to 'arrive' today.


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