President Trump Reacts On Impeachment: What? Me Worry?

President Trump says he's not worried about impeachment at all. This, as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has instructed the Judiciary Committee to move aheadwith drafting articles of impeachment against the President over his role in the Ukraine scandal. Trump addressed the media before a United Nations Security Council luncheon at the White House yesterday.

In brief remarks, called it a "big fat hoax." He followed the theme speaking out via Twitter. In the President’s view, Democrats aim to impeach him "over NOTHING." He also predicted that the Republican-led Senate will hold a "fair trial" if he is impeached by the House and added that Republicans have "NEVER been more united" and insisted, "We will win!"

And yes, he addressed “that moment” (the one Pelosi had with a reporter). “Nervous Nancy just had a nervous fit,” he wrote. “She hates that we will soon have 182 great new judges and sooo much more.”

Source:White House

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