Justice Department Inspector General Report on Russia Investigation Origins

The Justice Department Inspector General's report finds that the Russia probe was justified and there’s no evidence of political bias. The report examined the origins of the probe into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The report also contradicts President Trump's long-standing claims that it was a biased political plot against him. The report by Michael Horowitz concluded that the FBI launched their investigation because of evidence that the Russian government was reaching out to the Trump campaign as part of its efforts to influence the election.

The FBI isn’t completely off the hook, however. Horowitz also noted that the agency mishandled parts of its application to monitor a Trump campaign aide. In fact, the watchdog found so many problems that he’s launching a separate inquiry into how the FBI obtains national security warrants. The report also recommends that new guidelines be established for investigations into presidential campaigns.

  • Not surprisingly, the President is less than happy with the result – calling the report a "disgrace.”Speaking with reporters at the White House, Trump said the FBI's probe was "concocted" and "far worse" than he ever thought possible. The President added that it was an "attempted overthrow" of government that a lot of people were in on, but they "got caught." Trump said he is looking forward to Attorney Genera lBill Bar rand U.S. attorney John Durham's report following up on Horowitz's findings.
  • You can read the report HERE.

Source:New York Times

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