103-Year-Old Woman Beats Coronavirus, Celebrates With An Ice-Cold Bud Light

A 103-year-old great-grandmother who defied the odds and defeated the coronavirus celebrated with an ice-cold Bud Light. When Jennie Stejna became the first person in her nursing home in Easton, Massachusetts, to get diagnosed with COVID-19, her family feared the worst.

As her condition worsened, they called to say what they thought would be their final goodbyes.

Then, on May 13, Stenja miraculously started to recover. She has since been declared free of the coronavirus and celebrated with the staff at the nursing home by enjoying a Bud Light from her bed.

"Oh, that's cold," she said after taking a big gulp.

"She always had that feisty fighting spirit," her granddaughter, Shelley Gunn, told the Easton Journal. "She didn't give up."

There are still 33 other patients at the nursing home battling COVID-19.

Photo: YouTube

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