COVID-19 UPDATE: New RI Testing Plan Targets Those Without Symptoms

Rhode Island's updated strategy for COVID-19 testing now includes testing people who do not have any symptoms of the virus. On Monday Governor Gina Raimondo and Dr. Nicole Alexander-Scott of the RI Department of Health announced a goal of testing 900 people per day who are asymtomatic but work in "close contact" businesses such as barber shops and hair salons. Gov. Raimondo says that such tests are part of an "early alert system." She also encouraged anyone who attended a recent public demonstration or rally to be tested. Anyone who wants to request a test can start doing so immediately.

Establishing the early alert system is the third part of a plan which the governor says is achieving its first two goals: 1- To test everyone who has symptoms and 2- To create a team to react to outbreaks within four hours.

RI COVID-19 Data for Monday 6/08

  • New cases (since Sunday): 51
  • New fatalities: 10
  • Persons tested previous day: 1587

data: RIDOH photo: Getty Images

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