COVID-19 UPDATE: Number of Cases Dropping. Most RI'ers Following Rules.

After two weeks in Phase 2 of its reopening, the state of Rhode Island is making progress in the fight against COVID-19. That was the message from Governor Gina Raimondo on Monday, saying that she is"confident that we are in a good place." Raimondo pointed out that because the virus typically takes about two weeks to take hold in most individuals, the Department of Health will be watching COVID-19 case data closely to determine whether the recent loosening of restrictions has had any negative impact.

In her Monday press briefing, the governor gave Rhode Islanders high marks for compliance with mask and social distancing guidelines. Lincoln Woods and Colt State Park were closed temporarily over the weekend due to capacity restrictions. Raimondo mentioned that the Block Island Ferry was crowded over the weekend and many passengers did not wear masks. She implored anyone using the ferry to keep six feet from other passengers and to wear a mask whenever keeping that distance isn't possible.

With 150 inspectors visiting restaurants over the weekend, Governor Raimondo said that guidelines were being followed extremely well. The only exception she said, was that some restaurants were not able to show their COVID-19 Control Plan. All businesses are required to have the plan completed before opening. A template fro such plans can be found on the website:

Raimondo also encouraged close-contact workers to be tested for COVID-19, along with anyone who has attended a recent large rally or protest. Asymptomatic persons can sign up for a test at the website:

  • COVID-19 data for Monday, 6/15
  • New cases: 32
  • New fatalities: 6
  • Total tested on Sunday: 1,813

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