COVID-19 Update: Hotline Set Up to Report Large Gatherings

Rhode Island continues to experience a higher number of new COVID-19 cases than we saw earlier this summer. The upward-trending number of new cases over the past week has prompted Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York and New Jersey to restrict travel from Rhode Island to those states, mandating that anyone traveling from RI must self-quarantine for two weeks upon returning to their home state.

On Wednesday, Rhode Island Governor Gina Raimondo made the following announcements regarding state policies regarding COVID-19:

  • New travel RI Travel restrictions: Beginning on Sunday 8/10, anyone from a state on Rhode Island's restriction list (see link below), who is checking into a RI hotel or rental property must sign a certificate of compliance and present proof of a negative COVID-19 test in the past 72 hours.
  • States affected are listed here
  • The RI National Guard and Department of Health will be posted at TF Green Airport for the purpose of handing out information about the state's travel restrictions.
  • All information regarding travel into and out of RI is here:
  • Bars now restricted: Beginning Friday 8/7, all bars in RI must close at 11pm. Restaurants may remain open, but bar areas of restaurants must close at 11pm.
  • Hotline to report overcrowding: Large crowds of 15+ people may be reported by calling: "Crush COVID" hotline at 401-764-5554
  • Hotline is being staffed by the RI State Police.
  • Anyone attending a social gathering of 15+ people is subject to a $500 per person fine.
  • Testing capacity in Rhode Island is being expanded with a new deal with Dominion Diagnostics, which will allow 2,000 most tests per day to be processed within 48 hours.
  • Testing for asymptomatic people is being extended to anyone age 18-39 who wants to be tested. Sign up at:
  • Schools: In order to open for in-person learning, a community must have fewer than 100 new cases per week, per 100,000 people. (Central Falls, Providence and Pawtucket do not currently meet criteria to open schools.)
  • COVID-19 Data for Wednesday 8/05
  • 84 new cases
  • 1 new fatality
  • tested on Tuesday= 3,123

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