COVID-19 UPDATE: Governor Says Most of State Ready for In-School Learning

Rhode Island school districts are largely ready to begin in-person classes on September 14th. That's the message Governor Gina Raimondo delivered on Monday, August 31st, the date she had promised to announce the final plans for the upcoming school year. Only two districts did not get the green light to open with full in-person learning: Providence and Central Falls. Raimondo say that all other districts have achieved the prescribed metrics to begin the process of returning to in-school learning. Those metrics include readiness targets for state and municipalities, COVID-19 testing readiness, PPE supplies and school operations. Additionally, Raimondo says the state has met target numbers for COVID-19 case numbers, hospitalizations and rate of spread. Schools in Providence and Central Falls will be permitted to partially open for in-person classes, but are not presently cleared for full in-person learning.

Schools may use the first few weeks to phase in full in-person reopening. Full in-person learning must be in place by October 13th. Parents will still have the ability to opt out of in-person learning for their child.

Governor Raimondo states that when it comes to testing and keeping COVID-19 at bay, Rhode Island is doing "about as well as any state in America." On a per capita basis, Rhode Island is testing twice as many people as Massachusetts and 50% more than Connecticut.

  • The governor also announced on Monday:
  • Inspectors visited 1,200 businesses in the past week and found 96% mask-wearing compliance
  • Gov. Raimondo issued a stern warning not to gather in large groups during Labor Day weekend, reminding residents that COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations spikes in the weeks following 4th of July celebrations.
  • Social gatherings are still limited to 15 people
  • Outdoor gatherings are encouraged over indoor gatherings.
  • Residents can use the website: to reserve space at some state parks.
  • RI State Beaches will be open past LAbor Day, but lifeguards will not be on duty
  • Restrooms and concession stands at state beaches will stay open for two additional weeks past Labor Day
  • Data for Monday 8/31
  • New cases= 46
  • New fatalities= 2
  • Tested on Sunday= 3.936

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