Mayor Elorza Files Plan For Pandemic Relief Cash

Providence Mayor Jorge Elorza is proposing to spend ten-million dollars of American Rescue Plan Act money to address the impacts of COVID-19 caused by structural racism. Elorza is proposing a COVID-19 Inequities Program through which a public body would meet to recommend how to provide reparations. 

“American Rescue Plan dollars represent a once-in-a-generation opportunity to truly invest in our city and our people,” said Mayor Jorge O. Elorza. “With that in mind, understanding the needs of the community – especially those most impacted by COVID-19 – was critically important to our team. I’m proud to submit this ordinance that puts equity and resilience at the forefront of Providence’s recovery process and directly addresses many of the concerns and priority areas we heard from our neighbors.”

The mayor's overall proposal includes 124-million dollars in spending which will require approval from the Providence City Council.

(Photo by INDRANIL MUKHERJEE/AFP via Getty Images)

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