As Prices Soar--Call For State Gas Tax Holliday

A Rhode Island Governor's candidate is calling on the Governor and the State Legislature to pass a temporary suspension of the state's 34 cent a gallon gas tax.

Nellie Gorbea, who is also the Rhode Island Secretary of State says in a statement that the tax should be paused to bring immediate relief to drivers. She says the increase is tied directly to the Russian War in Ukraine.

Generally speaking gas taxes are a standard per gallon and not connected to increasing prices.

The 34 cent a gallon tax drives 136 million dollars to the state coffers.

According to Triple A's latest gas report this morning, the average price of gas across the state is $4.35 a gallon across the state.

Nationally, it is $4.31 a gallon.

Also, neighboring Massachusetts turned down a supplemental budget amendment that would have paused its gas tax. It was defeated on a voice vote in the House last night.

(Photo Credit: John Baibak, NewsradioRI)

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