State Challenges Landlords To Help End Homelessness


There is a new landlord challenge in Rhode Island. Governor Dan McKee, together with the Amos House and the RI Association of Realtors are challenging landlords across the state to provide permanent housing to 150 previously homeless families in the state. The families are cuurently staying in hotel shelters and have been since the start of the pandemic.

“A lack of housing is one of the most critical challenges facing too many Rhode Islanders – and the rapid decline of available affordable units over recent years has only exacerbated this crisis,” according to Governor McKee. “We have neighbors currently in hotel shelters who need to be re-housed, and this program will help meet that important need.” 

This challenge is similar to one offered in 2020 and will provide incentives to provide available units to those in need. The program will give landlords three thousand dollars for the first unit signed to a one year lease and a thousand dollars for each unit signed after that up to a total of three.


The state has seen a dramatic increase in homelessness since the start of the pandemic. 

“Families are in need in every part of our state – we want to see families stay in the communities they know and love,” according to Phillip Tedesco - the CEO of the State’s Association of Realtors. He called it mutually beneficial to all parties.

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