State Lawmakers Consider Bird Flu Restrictions

The Rhode Island State Senate has approved a measure that seeks to control the potential outbreak of bird flu and other animal dominated diseases in the state.

The bill calls for creation of an emergency quarantine and prevention of the transport or movement of birds if they are suspected of being contagious.

The measure is in response to a Department of Environmental Management concern over potential outbreaks of the avian flu which has been spreading across the nation and in fact in New England as well. Fortunately, so far it has missed Rhode Island.

Veterinarian Scott Marshall testified at committee that he is confident it is already present in the state’s wildlife despite the fact there have been no reported cases.

“Avian influenza is extremely contagious, and can not only wipe out an entire flock – it can move quickly to destroy others because it can travel through wild birds or animals that are sold or transported from one farm to another. I am grateful to DEM for being proactive with this legislation for the protection of animals, farms and those with small flocks in our state,” said State Rep Dawn Euer.

A similar bill has passed the House. Now the two bills will have to be negotiated.

(Photo by GAIZKA IROZ/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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