Prices Driving Us Crazy- Will Lawmakers Reduce Stress At Gas Pumps?

The Rhode Island Legislature appears ready to debate a measure that would suspend the state 35 cent gas tax until the end of the year.

The measure would cost the state about 150 million dollars but is seen as a way to give drivers a little bit of breathing room gassing up in a week.

"Our neighbors in Connecticut made the right move when they suspended the gas tax earlier this week,” Minority Whip Jessica de la Cruz (R-Dist. 23, Burrillville, Glocester, North Smithfield) said recently. “It is way past time that we do the same here. Rhode Islanders are getting absolutely crushed at the pump, and the state has the money to do something about it.”

According to the latest Triple A gas report- if the gas tax were suspended - it would mean gas prices close to the 3-90 mark per gallon.

Despite the want by lawmakers to give drivers some kind of relief- not everyone is thrilled with the potential reduction. The State Transportation officials testifying that the reduction of the 35 cent a gallon tax for any period of time will lead to fewer road projects down the road.

It is unclear when the legislature will schedule a debate.

(Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

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