Warwick Mayor, Others To Repay Healthcare Co-Pays Not Collected

Warwick Mayor Frank Picozzi says he wanted taxpayers to hear it from him.

It appears the healthcare co-payments have not been deducted for either him or some of his staff. The Mayor says that he didn’t notice because he has automatic deposit and did not look at his deposits.

“This morning it was brought to my attention that some members of my staff and department directors who came on board at the beginning of my term have not had our co-pays for our medical coverage deducted from our weekly paychecks. This should have begun in February of last year and it seems that it was missed because the person responsible for initiating it was out due to Covid. I never noticed it personally because my pay is deposited electronically, and I never look at what’s deducted.

As I said it was discovered and brought to my attention today and the deductions will begin immediately, and repayment plans for myself and the affected employees for what should have been deducted is also beginning immediately.” 

The Mayor says repayment plans are being worked out for both him and his affected staff members.

(Photo Credit: Warwick Mayor's Office)

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