Reed: Marketing Assault Weapons Is Wrong

Rhode Island Senator Jack Reed is among a group of ten senators seeking a federal investigation into the marketing of assault-style weapons to children. In a letter to the Federal Trade Commission they describe such advertising practices as irresponsible and dangerous.

The letter signed by Reed as well as Senators Markey and Warren in Massachusetts reads in part;

"The United States is in the midst of an epidemic of gun violence. Our young people, who

routinely conduct safety drills focused on school shooters, acutely feel this crisis. As the

COVID-19 pandemic recedes and children have begun to return to school, gun violence in our

schools has skyrocketed. According to data from Everytown for Gun Safety, there were 136

instances of gunfire on school grounds between August and December 2021, the highest rate in

that 5-month time period since Everytown began tracking these statistics in 2013.

Despite the unacceptable levels of gun crime and its devastating effect on our youth, some

weapons manufacturers are blatantly flaunting their efforts to market firearms to children. "

Reed and the others say assault rifles are weapons of war that have no place in the hands of children.

(Photo by Samuel Corum-Pool/Getty Images)

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