Bill Would Help Push Back Avian Bird Flu

The next step is Governor McKee's desk for a bill that would help the state control future outbreaks of the deadly Avian Bird Flu.

The General Assembly has passed a measure sponsored by Rep. Brandon Potter and Sen. Dawn Euer would allow the state to more easily quarantine infected birds - that is more in accordance with the federal standard.

The law would allow the Department of Environmental Management to deal with the potential spread of that strain of bird flu which does not affect humans but is quite lethal for birds.

“Bird flu, unfortunately, is absolutely devastating to farms and livestock. If one bird contracts it, it can swiftly infect and kill the whole flock. DEM needs to be able to respond very quickly and effectively to stop it from spreading to any other flocks once it is detected,” said Representative Potter of Cranston.

State Officials say there have been no reported cases in the state so far- but officials say they have no doubt that there will be.

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

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