Task Force Created To Attack Scam Robo Calls

The Nation’s Attorneys General are banding together in a new task force designed to crack down on those annoying robo calls that we get each day. 

The coalition will investigate and take legal action against the telecommunications companies who are responsible for enabling the calls, many of which originate from overseas.

Connecticut Attorney General William Tong formed the task force. He says that people across the nation shouldn’t have to worry about being scammed every time they pick up the phone.

According to the latest figures, it is estimated that 33 million scam robo calls made to Americans every day.

The Task Force issued 20 civil investigative demands to 20 gateway providers that are allegedly responsible for a majority of the scams.

“Robocalls are an intrusive and obnoxious menace, responsible for $29.8 billion in fraud last year alone. Our Anti-Robocall Litigation Task Force will shut down the telecom fraud highway and bringing these scammers to justice. In our first action today, we have issued 20 civil investigative demands demanding comprehensive records from gateway providers we believe may be responsible for the vast majority of unlawful foreign robocall traffic into the United States. If these telecom bad actors cannot police themselves, our Task Force will,” said Attorney General Tong.

(Photo Credit: Connecticut Attorney General's Office)

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