Chief Reccomends Police Captain To Be Terminated In Use Of Force Issue

It appears the city of Providence will attempt to fire a city police officer embroiled in a “use-of-force” incident over the Fourth of July weekend.

In that incident, an officer was seen forcing the head of a person into the ground after a dispute.

Captain Stephen Gencarella’s actions, according to a police spokesman were in violation of the departmental rules.

The Captain was one of two officers at the scene of the incident at India Point Park in July.In that incident, he and another officer were seen struggling to restrain a person. After viewing the video of the incident Police Chief Hugh Clements that that what he saw in the video and what was in the report did not match-up.

The Chief said that based on an internal investigation of the events- termination was being recommended.

The Captain now has five days to appeal and ask for a hearing.

Meantime, the Attorney General’s Office is also investigating.

(Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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