New Alternatives To Ride Sharing Become Law

Peer-to-peer car sharing has been legalized in the state of Rhode Island. 

A new law passed by the General Assembly defines the practice as the use of a vehicle by someone other than the owner through an authorized car-sharing business. State Representative Jacquelyn Baginski of Cranston, one of the bill's sponsors, says this will offer an innovative alternative to the transportation needs of Rhode Islanders.

“Peer-to-peer car sharing” is defined as the authorized use of a vehicle by an individual other than the vehicle’s owner through a peer-to-peer car sharing program. A “peer-to-peer car sharing program” means a business platform that connects vehicle owners with drivers to enable the sharing of vehicles for financial consideration.

“As costs continue rising, especially with car prices and fuel, this bill will offer an innovative alternative to Rhode Islanders’ transportation needs. Technology is changing the way we approach our daily lives and this legislation will allow Rhode Island to utilize these new and exciting technologies, bringing us closer to our neighbors and community while also helping the environment by reducing the need for more cars on our roads,” said Representative Baginski.

The act would requires the shared vehicle be covered by insurance while in use by other individuals as well as provisions relating to consumer protection disclosures, driver’s license verification, and automobile safety recalls.

(Photo by LUIS ROBAYO/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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