Thunderstorms Make Trip Home Difficult In Places

A string of fast moving and strong thunderstorms making its way through the region, leaving some roads impassable while making the commute home touchy to say the least.

One of the problem areas is along 195 at Exit 2 in East Providence where part of the highway was closed down.

Under normal conditions there would be no issue with the amount of rain that has fallen. But the people in the Weather Center say the ground has been so dry, for so long - that the rains that are falling in many cases aren’t seeping into the ground- but rolling off and causing the localized flooding.

The rains will end tonight. Wednesday will be mostly sunny with the high near 90 degree. The same type of weather is expected for both Thursday and Friday as well.

(Photo by DAVID GANNON/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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