Do RI Men Or Women Live Longer?

There is a new report out that ranks the life expectancy in the nation and it has people who live in New England are in pretty good shape. 

The report is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  

Massachusetts came in number 5 in the country with an average life expectancy at 79 years. But women out live men in the state by almost 5 full years. Men live 76.4 years. Women 81.5. 

Connecticut was number 10 with, living on average 78.4 years. Women in that state outlive men by about that same 5-year span- 81 point three years for women to men at 75 point 6. 

Rhode Island was number 13. 78 point 2 years overall. Women outliving men. 80 point 9 years for women. 75 point 5 years for men. 

Vermont residents are projected to live to an average age of just under 79-years-old. That places the state seventh in the nation in total life expectancy at 78-point-eight years. 

Now the question is why we are seeing numbers decrease across the board. The experts say primarily because of the pandemic and the increased influence of drugs in the nation today. 

Hawaii has the nation's highest life expectancy among all states at 80-years-old, with Mississippi the lowest at just under 72 years.  

(Photo by LOU BENOIST/AFP via Getty Images)


Photo: Getty Images

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