RI Democrat Primary Update: Governor Dan McKee is the projected winner after a tight race with Helena Buonanno Foulkes in the race for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Seth Magaziner is the winner for Congressional District 2, handily beating five other candidates.

RI Republican Primary Update: Ashley Kalus wins Primary for Governor.

REPUBLICAN Representative in Congress District 1

Allen R. Waters* (R) ----  UNOPPOSED

DEMOCRAT Representative in Congress District 1

David N. Cicilline* (D)----- UNOPPOSED

REPUBLICAN  REPUBLICAN Representative in Congress District 2

Allan W. Fung* (R)  -----  UNOPPOSED

DEMOCRAT Representative in Congress District 2 (98% counted)

Seth M. Magaziner* (D)  53% *** WINNER

David A. Segal (D)          17%

Omar Bah (D)                    4%

Sarah E. Morgenthau (D) 12%

Joy Fox (D) 11%

Spencer E. Dickinson (D) 3%

REPUBLICAN  Governor (93% counted)

Ashley Marie Kalus* (R) 84% *** WINNER

Jonathan J. Riccitelli (R) 16%


Daniel J. McKee* (D) 32.5%

Helena Buonanno Foulkes(D) 30.1%

Matthew A. Brown (D)  8%

Nellie M. Gorbea (D) 26.2%

Luis Daniel Munoz (D) 3.1%

REPUBLICAN  Lieutenant Governor (93%COUNTED)

Aaron C. Guckian* (R) 68% *** WINNER

Paul E. Pence (R) 32%

DEMOCRAT Lieutenant Governor (96% COUNTED)

Sabina Matos* (D) 47% ***WINNER

Cynthia M. Mendes (D) 33%

Deborah Ruggiero (D) 20%

REPUBLICAN  Secretary of State

Pat V. Cortellessa* (R) unopposed

DEMOCRAT Secretary of State (96%)

Gregg Amore* (D) 64% *** PROJECTED WINNER

Stephanie E. Beaute (D) 36%

REPUBLICAN  Attorney General

Charles C. Calenda* (R) unopposed

DEMOCRAT Attorney General

Peter F. Neronha* (D) UNOPPOSED

REPUBLICAN  General Treasurer

James L. Lathrop* (R) UNOPPOSED

DEMOCRAT General Treasurer (96% COUNTED)

James A. Diossa* (D) 56% *** WINNER

Stefan I. Pryor (D) 44%

photo: Getty Images

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