No Special Election -CC Beauchamp Becomes Acting Mayor

The Mayor of Woonsocket has resigned. Lisa Baldelli-Hunt sent a resignation letter Thursday afternoon, which cited health concerns as the reason for her leaving office.

The decision comes as Baldelli-Hunt faced increased scrutiny over a land transaction she engineered.

Earlier this year, Baldelli-Hunt paid about one-million in city-controlled federal monies to purchase five acres of vacant land, when the assessed value was no more than 200-thousand.

This was done without the knowledge of the City Council or the Solicitor, who moved to reverse the transaction.

Baldelli-Hunt also denied any connection with the owner of the selling firm, developer Raymond Bourque, but it later transpired she once worked for Bourque and received a personal loan from him.

City Council President Christopher Beauchamp was sworn in as Acting Mayor and will hold office until the next election, in November 2024.

(Photo: Woonsocket RI City Hall/Facebook)

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