Former Senator Joe Lieberman Dies At 82

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Photo: Alex Wong / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman has died at 82, his family said in a statement.

"Former United States Senator Joseph I. Lieberman died this afternoon, March 27, 2024, in New York City due to complications from a fall. He was 82 years old. His beloved wife, Hadassah, and members of his family were with him as he passed. Senator Lieberman's love of God, his family, and America endured throughout his life of service in the public interest," the statement said.

Lieberman was first elected to the Senate in 1988 and would later serve as Al Gore's running mate in the 2000 presidential election. Leiberman would go on to leave the Democratic Party in 2006 and successfully held onto his Senate seat by running as an Independent. He retired from the Senate in 2012.

Most recently, he helped form the political group No Labels, which is seeking to run a third-party candidate in the upcoming presidential election to challenge President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump.

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