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EXPOSED: Far-left ‘religion’ SACRIFICES REALITY for power

Somehow, less than two days after the tragedy at The Covenant School in Nashville, TN, some within the far-left actually are framing conservatives as the violent ones to blame. This demonstrates the NUMBER ONE rule required to create disinformation, Glenn explains. And there’s few better at this tactic than the far-left and today’s federal government. In this clip, Glenn exposes how they’re changing our language, our meaning, and using their ‘religion’ to SACRIFICE REALITY. But, thankfully, there’s just one simple step YOU can do to halt their ‘crazy grab of power.’ Listen to the clip to find out what that step is…

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GLENN: So let's look at what's going on.

Nashville, somehow or another, this has all been turned around. Now it's the Christians. It's not the shooter anymore.

It's not even the gun. It's all these people who are anti-trans. I'm not anti-trans. I don't really care. I really don't care.

I mean, I don't think we're hanging out, going to the movies together.

But whatever.

You do your thing. You be you, boo. I'll be me.

So we don't hate people. What I do think is a real problem in society, is trans people coming into our schools and doing trans story hour.

Or teaching our children, who are in first grade. That you can be whatever you want.

Well, okay. In America, that's true.

But you can't become a woman. And changing the meaning of all of our words. Why are our kids killing themselves?

A couple of reasons. Social media and total confusion.

There is no truth anymore. Rule one of disinformation, make your yes mean no. And your no mean yes.

Annoy and confuse the opponent. Then, accuse them of disinformation and violence.


I mean, are we not seeing that now?

A few people are skiting this maneuver, better than today's leftists.

And I hate to say this. The United States government.

They have made the world their personal kingdom of performance. And the mainstream media cares more about misgendering a child murderer, than the death of six people, where three were children.

We're living in Alison and Wonderland. Alison in Wonderland, actually has nothing on the left's cognitive nihilism, and their hatred for order.

Democrats, good, decent Democrats, who have been my neighbor. What the hell is wrong with you?

What is wrong with you?

Your silence is going to be the death of all of us.

We may not agree on what to vote for. Or who to vote for.

But Good Lord, man. Can we not all stand together on the Bill of Rights?

This goes all the way up to the Oval Office. Politicians have always loved to showboat meaningless words. They don't care.

They don't care about any of it. They certainly don't care about the violence against pronouns. Big tech has made sure that pronoun activists always have a platform.

Until Elon Musk meaned his way into Twitter ownership, Silicon Valley punished pronoun misgendering, far more judiciously than violent radicalism and child pornography. The military buckled. Even the military.

I mean, academia, they're the ones who started the pronoun disinformation campaign.

And not just the gender studies department. It's in the UCLA law school. Harvard medical school. Even the university of Pennsylvania, the swim team.

Hollywood, even on its last legs. Oh, they -- they love the joys of hypocrisy. Typified by Demi Lovato's decision to take -- take back her decision. She's now going after she, after a stint as they.

But, you know, it's a sea of theys and thems in Hollywood.

Corporate media has elevated pronoun usage to a -- to a beat as important as sports and the economy. Or better yet, fashion.

Because that's all this is, is a fashion trend. And you're going to look back on those pictures. And be more embarrassed than anything you used to wear in high school.

You'll be more embarrassed of any of the bad hair cuts you've had at some point in your life.

This has become ritualistic. This is a -- a religion.

And we are ritually sacrificing objective journalism, objective truth, reality. And these activists in disguise, we all see through it. Have once again demanded that the rest of the world, fall to their knees.

NPR has a pronoun Psalm. If you'll open up your Scriptures now to NPR.

A guide to gender identity terms. Now, this is the new standard. Today's American journalism.

I mean, you can -- you can count on total uniformity. Or one taking it to where you think, okay. You can't go any further than that. And the other one going, yeah. We're more woke than you. Washington Post published a guide to the words they used in their gender coverage.

The Associated Press embraced the inanity of pronoun scapegoating. New York Times, devoted at least a dozen articles to gender pronouns, including a guide to Neo-pronouns, like bun, and bun self. Kitten and kitten self. Vamp and vamp self.

Prin, princess. Princel. They, they're, they cel.

You can find a hundred of these guides online, published by reputable institutions, schools, businesses, departments, corporations, universities.

You name it. If they've published it, you should run from them, like the plague.

Such unanimity, would seem to indicate an obvious truth, right?

When everybody is agreeing on something, well, it must be, there's truth.

Yeah. Anyone who disagrees, unquestionably wrong.

If there was only a way they could all chant this, in unison, like -- like a Gregorian chant. Wouldn't that be great?

Because if they could just do that, change it into Latin.

And all chant it, at the same time, reciting the creeds of their political doctrine. Instead, their performative unity serves as yet another synchronized dance by authoritarians.

They're terrible at persuasion. That's why we're going through this. They couldn't persuade you. They couldn't persuade you, that climate change was as big of a deal that we should spend 154 trillion dollars, and destroy the world's economy. They couldn't convince you.

So they'll force you. They'll go around your back.

You know, screaming at the waitress doesn't make your lamb chop cook faster. It doesn't happen. This is Saul Alinsky, at the highest level. Isolate your opponent. I mean, who wants to be friends with a transphobic, homophobic racist. No one. So we all abandon our friends, lest we get swept up. We remain silent, lest we get clubbed in the streets. Even if they're virtual streets, I don't want to be clubbed.

And so we remain silenced.

Violence, may bring quiet. But it will not lead to peace. Hatred -- actual hatred, like actual violence. Will not inspire respect or even attention.

This is why they're now trying to pass what I would describe as the Patriot Act two. All in the name of banning TikTok. I'll get into that in a minute.

It's a Patriot Act. And they have to pass it. Because the ruse is over. People see the direction, that the radicals and allies are taking us. And they know, we are in trouble.

This is why, they have to grab the machinery of the government and use every tool at their disposal. From the IRS, to the FBI.

You know that the Inflation Reduction Act actually has nothing to do with reducing inflation. It is all about global warming. That's all it is.

In their own words, they admit that now. They lied to you, admit it, and we remain quiet.

Because their accusations of disinformation are tactical maneuvers of domination and control.

These pronoun activists alone, have managed to wreck the most fundamental components of grammar.

They have destroyed things that nobody even questioned. She means he. He means they. Him means her.

They figured out how to scramble the parts of speech, until sentences cannot be identified, even by their closest loved ones.

Have you read a story yet, where you don't understand it? You're like, I don't know who this person is. What they are. I don't know what happened in this story. That's intentional. Beyond the dangers of a society without boundaries or meaning or truth.

Their crusade is also dangerous in its use. Am I preaching to the choir? Disinformation is a weapon of belittlement. A way for leftists to reduce us.

To silence and hiding. But their seeming invincibility can't perform miracles.

More importantly, it cannot impose universal truths. They've decided that the word pedophile is discriminatory, so they'll replace it with minor-attracted persons. What's next?

We call murderers harm-attracted persons?

Look, here's all you have to know today. Don't buy any of this.

Their world is coming apart. You have to stay focused on what's important, on their crazy grab for power.

All the rest of it, all you have to do today, is the next right thing.

And that begins with letting your yes mean yes, and your no mean no.

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