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The Jim Polito Show

Jim Polito hands out the red pills every weekday morning. He is the antidote to the mainstream media. Jim was an award-winning investigative...Full Bio

05-24-24 Haymond Law Ride Report

Daily Best of 05-24-24

On Friday's show Jim talks about President Joe Biden messing up during a speech again, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss the issues going on with LiveNation, and Jim takes callers who call in and give stories of their friends and family members who served in the military in honor of Memorial Day

Daily Best of 05-23-24

On Thursday's show Jim talks about Hunter Biden caught lying under oath, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss the numbers in a recent Presidential poll, and President and CEO of Cataldo Ambulance Services Dennis Cataldo joins the show to discuss EMS week

Daily Best of 05-22-24

On Wednesday's show Jim talks about why the jury going home for a long weekend is not a good thing for Donald Trump, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss that the busiest time to travel is up ahead, and why it is not accurate to compare Trump to Hitler

Craig Peterson Segment 05-21-24

AI is now more powerful and dangerous. Tech Talk Guru Craig Peterson tells us what is at stake.

Daily Best of 05-21-24

On Tuesday's show Jim talks about Michael Cohen lying and admitting to stealing while on the witness stand, Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss the very latest in the Trump "Hush Money" case, and why is the ICC just now issuing warrants for war crimes made by Hamas?

Daily Best of 05-20-24

On Monday's show Jim breaks down President Biden's commencement speech, why it won't mean anything to the United States after the death of the Iranian President over the weekend, and Rory O'Neil joins the show to give us the details in what could be the final week of the Donald Trump "Hush Money" case

Breaking Bread 5-19-24

The breaking bread podcast!

Jim's Interview with Attorney John Haymond 05-17-24

Making sure you have enough motorcycle insurance and then riding for Veterans. Attorney John Haymond of Haymond Law has the Ride Report.

Daily Best of 05-17-24

On Friday's show Jim talks about Merrick Garland and where is the audio? Rory O'Neil joins the show to discuss the stock markets, and Jim takes your calls for Freestyle Friday!